Truck locks and jacks

Lock and lift with confidence.

Truck locks and jacks are used to either lock or lift transport units in a resting position. Both are directly attached to the transport unit.

By operating the pedal the transport unit is held in place without being lifted. When operated, the truck lock deflects by approx. 10 mm. The maximum surface contact pressure in combination with suitable swivel and rigid casters amounts to approx. 60 kg. The following truck locks with a plate size of 100 x 85 mm can be combined with the LE, L and LK caster series. The truck locks with a plate size of 140 x 110 mm can be combined with the LH, LO and LS caster series. Other versions are available on request. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free.

When using a jack, actuating the pedal raises the transport unit up. Jacks can be combined with various caster series. Jacks provide their best performance if the total height of the operated jack (H1) is 5 mm higher than the selected swivel or rigid casters. Depending on the weight of the person operating the transport equipment, the lifting force is between 150 kg and 250 kg. The vertical load on the jack must not exceed 500 kg when raised. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free.

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