As a reliable partner, Blickle provides a comprehensive range of e-mobility solutions and logistical services to complement the ErgoMove® series.

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ErgoMove® 500

  • Power assistance up to 500 kg
  • Manual operation possible
  • Simple installation (plug and play)
  • Perfect for situations where space is at a premium

ErgoMove 500 

ErgoMove® 1000

  • Power assistance up to 1,000 kg
  • Manual operation possible
  • Simple installation (plug and play)

ErgoMove 1000 

ErgoMove® – e-mobility solutions

Simpler. Gentler. More efficient.

Muscular and skeletal problems are the most common reasons for people being unable to work, particularly if they have a job that frequently involves physically strenuous activity like pushing and pulling loads. The electric drive systems of the Blickle ErgoMove® series reduce these health risks considerably. The physical strain on the operator is decreased during internal material transport due to the considerably lower amount of effort required compared with manual operation.

Equipment and transport units of any kind can be quickly and easily upgraded with a “plug & play” electric drive, steering and braking assistance. The modular sets include two rigid casters with electric drive, cockpit solutions with integrated controls and battery unit as well as all relevant safety features.

Blickle ErgoMove®

Ergonomic and safe e-mobility solutions for every working person


  • Logistical process optimisation
    • Easy transport of heavy loads
    • Reduced travel distances
    • Automation meets flexibility
  • Improved ergonomics
    • Ergonomically flawless working conditions
    • Reduced strain during physically demanding work
    • Transport of heavy loads by ergonomic means
  • Efficiency
    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduction of sick days
    • Decrease in the number of trolleys
  • Safety
    • All relevant safety equipment included
    • No risk of uncontrolled movement
    • Safe transport of goods