The company Blickle

A reliable partner for many years.

A family business since 1953

In 1953, Wilhelm Sülzle split his well-established ironware factory into three separate companies, divided between his sons and his son-in-law, Heinrich Blickle. The new company, called Blickle, took over the production of iron wheelbarrow wheels and established a range of high quality wheels, rigid casters and swivel casters. Typically Swabian virtues like hard work, an obsession with quality and the spirit of invention caused our products to continuously improve. After the sudden death of the founder Heinrich Blickle, his wife Elisabeth Blickle took over the management of the company in 1961.

Managing Director Reinhold Blickle is the son of the founder and manages the company together with his wife Denise Blickle, Walter Wager and his two children, Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner and David Blickle, who joined the management team in 2017. Blickle has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wheels and casters over the past few decades. Blickle has never lost sight of the traditional values of a family company despite all of its progress. This philosophy will remain intact with the third generation of management.

The Blickle group currently has over 1,200 employees worldwide, with around 900 based at the headquarters in Rosenfeld, Germany. Trained technical advisers at 20 sales subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia with distribution offices in 120 countries ensure proximity to customers and high-quality service. Our cutting edge logistics center guarantees top-class delivery performance: we can send out more than 8,000 products within a day and 12,000 others in 1 to 3 days, Europe-wide.

We have a tradition of progress

To be successful, you need to look to the past to learn how to prepare for the future. We have a tradition of progress. Founded in 1953, today we are one of the three leading manufacturers of wheels and casters worldwide. That’s proof of our expertise. Quality. And innovation.



Blickle building 1953

Heinrich Blickle establishes his company with eight employees and begins to manufacture iron wheelbarrow wheels in his workshop.



Heinrich and Elisabeth Blickle

Company founder Heinrich Blickle dies. His wife Elisabeth Blickle takes over the company.


The first steps towards a global market

Blickle Switzerland building 1967

First sales branch established in Switzerland.


The second generation

Reinhold Blickle

Reinhold Blickle, son of the founder and the current Managing Director, joins the company.


New technology

Polyurethane wheels

Blickle begins to manufacture polyurethane wheels.



Blickle administration building 2002

Blickle builds a new administration building.


New production

Plastic Injection Moulding Facility

Blickle begins to manufacture synthetic products.



Blickle Logistics Center

Logistics center built with automatic high-rack warehouse and small parts storage


New electro-mobility segment


Blickle begins to manufacture driven wheels and casters.


The third generation

Sarah and David Blickle

Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner and David Blickle join the company.


Expansion into the US market

Blickle USA building

A new warehouse and administration facility covering more than 5,000 m² is built in Newnan, Georgia.


New construction in Rosenfeld

New administration building at Rosenfeld headquarters

Blickle adds a customer service center and expands the administration building. Blickle also builds a new production facility to manufacture polyurethane wheels.