Blickle swivel casters for every application

The right swivel caster for every application

Swivel casters make it easy to maneuver machines, equipment and carts. These casters can be pivoted around their vertical axis. They are the counterpart to rigid casters, which can only move in a linear direction. A swivel caster consists of a swivel rig and a wheel. The rig is available in a variety of sizes and materials, from synthetic materials through to pressed steel and stainless steel. With over 60 swivel rig series and over 80 standard wheel series, Blickle has the perfect swivel caster for every application.

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What is the difference between swivel casters and fixed casters?

Swivel casters attached to trolleys swivel freely for easy maneuverability - even on the spot. However, this high degree of maneuverability is not always the best choice for applications that involve long straight usage, as directional stability decreases and it is more difficult for the user to move the trolley in a straight line. For this reason, most trolleys are additionally equipped with non-swivelling fixed casters.

Is there a swivel caster and a fixed castor in one?

Blickle Richtungsfeststeller für Stahlblech-Lenkrollen

If one wanted to combine the characteristics of a swivel and fixed caster into one caster, a directional lock could be attached to the swivel housing. If the user activates the directional lock, the swivel axis of the swivel head would be blocked creating a fixed caster. When the directional lock is released, the caster can be swivelled again.

Are there swivel casters with brakes?

Blickle Rad- und Drehkranzfeststeller stop-fixOur swivel casters have the option to come with a swivel brake, not a brake. The difference between a head brake and a brake is that a head brake is actuated when the vehicle is stationary to keep the vehicle in that fixed position. A brake can be applied while the vehicle is moving to reduce speed. In many cases, however, casters with a brake mean a head brake, as you can see here in the picture on the right. You can find more detailed information on our overview page for locking and braking systems.

Are there swivel casters with a threaded pin?

Blickle swivel casters also have various different mounting systems for different applications, such as top plate, bolt hole, steel plug-in stem, threaded pin or plug-in pin. You can find an overview of threaded pin diameters, top plate dimensions and much more under mounting types for casters.

Swivel casters, made in Germany

Blickle swivel casters provide outstanding quality. From the tooling, mechanical engineering and steel processing stages through to assembly. We manufacture the swivel rig ourselves from scratch. The same is true for the wheels which we use in the swivel rig. We use cutting-edge automated testing equipment. Plus the first and last article are always inspected in addition to self-checks by the production workers to guarantee a high level of quality.

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