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New Blickle US movie

With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Our procurement philosophy

Become a Blickle supplier.

As an international corporate group, we purchase a variety of raw, auxiliary and operating materials from all over the world (strip steel, piping, bar steel, rubber moulded parts (tires, press-on bands, vulcanised rubber treads etc.), cast parts, synthetic granulates, chemical products for cast polyurethane, balls, ball bearings, swivelling parts, extruded parts, connecting elements etc.).

Quality is always the top priority in our procurement philosophy. Reliability, service and price are also of utmost importance.

We can offer long-term collaboration to efficient suppliers excelling in reliable quality and compliance with deadlines.

According to the motto 'our business is your business', we rely on mutual trust.

Qualified suppliers include those that

  • Are competitive at a global market level
  • Have a quality system based on DIN ISO 9000
  • Respond to requirements flexibly and on-time
  • Offer technical support and consultation

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