Wheel and caster series

for pallet trucks, forklift trucks and other industrial trucks

Räder und Rollen für Gabelhubwagen, Stapler und andere Flurförderzeuge

Pallet trucks, forklift trucks and industrial trucks are used to lift and transport heavy loads and play a vital role in intralogistics. The wheels and casters used on these vehicles need to be extremely wear-resistant and robust.

Blickle has a wide range of wheel and caster series available for pallet trucks, forklift trucks and industrial trucks.

Different applications require different casters. The caster you should choose depends to a large extent on external factors, such as the condition of the indoor or outdoor surface, or whether the vehicle is driven manually or electrically. This has an impact on characteristics like dynamic load capacity, resistance to environmental factors and noise levels.

Blickle manufactures wheels and casters for industrial trucks using a variety of tread materials and wheel center materials. Each material has specific features which meet different requirements. Casters for pallet trucks are made using polyurethane treads or nylon. An additional version with an elastic solid rubber tread is available for front wheels. Polyurethane and elastic solid rubber versions are available for drive wheels and forklift truck wheels

Rollers for pallet trucks

HTH, HTHW, HB and HPO series rollers for pallet trucks

Front wheels for pallet trucks and heavy duty wheels for industrial trucks

ALEV, ALST, ALTH, PO, GTH, VSTH, GB, GVU series front and heavy duty wheels

Drive and running wheels for forklifts and industrial trucks

RVU, RTH, RB, REV series forklift, drive and running wheels