Blickle wheels and casters for improved ergonomics

Blickle wheels and casters play an important role in a number of different intralogistics processes to ensure that materials are transported efficiently, safely and reliably within a company. Wheels and casters used for this purpose are subject to a wide variety of requirements due to the significant differences between the logistical procedures involved in different sectors and production processes. Blickle provides a unique range of products and has a solution for almost any application. Blickle products are used by almost every well-known manufacturer of logistics equipment. These include manufacturers of forklift trucks, crane systems, DTS equipment, tugger trains, transport units and picking carts.

Manufacturers don’t just choose Blickle’s products due to their “Made in Germany” resilience. Blickle wheels and casters also ensure that logistics processes are fast, safe (accident prevention) and cost-effective (total cost). Blickle products reduce the physical strain on operators pulling or pushing heavy loads, making logistical processes more ergonomic.

Here are some examples of how Blickle products are used for intralogistics applications: