Heavy duty welded steel swivel casters used for sweeper suitable for outdoor use

Robust casters for agricultural equipment manufacturer

The client

From potato harvesters to spreaders, spraying equipment and ploughs: Zonderland Constructie B.V., based in Joure, Holland, specialises in manufacturing high-quality agricultural equipment. The firm sells its equipment and third party products around the world through its own distributor.

The challenge

Zonderland needed the right casters for a sweeper. Because the machine is towed by a tractor and is in constant contact with dust and sand, the solution had to be particularly robust. The wheels and rigs needed to be capable of handling speeds up to 16 km/h and impacts from the side.

The solution

The LS-PS caster by Blickle with pneumatic tiresBlickle’s design engineers assessed the conditions and decided that the ultra-robust welded steel construction of the LS heavy duty rig series would be perfect for the task. The zinc-plated and yellow-passivated parts are heavily protected against corrosion, making the casters perfect for use outdoors. The axial grooved ball bearing and tapered roller bearing in the swivel head allow the rig to absorb impacts and remain reliable even when going over obstacles or uneven terrain.

Blickle turned to two well-established series for the wheels: first, the heavy duty wheels with super-elastic solid rubber tires in the VLE series. These are maintenance-free, puncture-proof and suitable for handling heavy loads at speeds up to 25 km/h. These quiet wheels have an abrasion-resistant tread and a particularly low level of rolling resistance. Blickle also used wheels from the PS series with pneumatic tires which are capable of absorbing shocks and handling uneven surfaces. They are also particularly adept at handling heavy loads and are extremely robust.

The result

Blickle used two standard casters to meet all of Zonderland’s requirements. Both are available for immediate delivery. The casters are perfectly suited for handling the rough conditions they are used in every day and provide users of the sweeper with peace of mind that their equipment will be reliable. Blickle impressed the Dutch agricultural equipment specialist with the high quality of its products and its tailored advice.

Technical information and advantages LS-PS 315K and LS-VLE 310K

  • Puncture-proof VLE wheels and PS pneumatic tires are perfect for handling uneven surfaces and shocks.
  • Suitable for speeds up to 16 km/h.
  • Robust LS rig with yellow passivation for excellent corrosion protection.