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Blickle wins the 2015 handling award

Electrical drive concept convinces expert jury

For the second time, the handling team in collaboration with trade fair organiser P.E. Schall presented the 'handling award'. The competition is geared towards all manufacturers in the area of mechanical, electrical and mechatronic solutions for factory automation and optimisation of internal processes.

An independent jury of industry experts has now chosen Blickle's electrical drive concept as the winner for the category of "Storage, commissioning, handling and transport".

The electrical starting aid from Blickle is a modular drive system for a wide range of transport units and trailer systems. Devices weighing up to two tonnes are set in motion like nothing at all.  
The high thrust of up to 120 daN ensures energy-saving transport unit/trailer start-up. A significant decrease in effort required compared with manual shunting reduces the physical strain on the operator performing internal material transport substantially. In turn, this prevents muscular and skeletal disorders and lowers costs for illness-related absences. The topics of ergonomics and health at work are increasingly gaining in importance, not only with regard to demographic development.
Blickle's starting aid also features easy, intuitive operation and a very high level of safety.

The system enables up to 500 start-ups when the battery is charged completely. Furthermore, in towing operation, the batteries are charged recuperatively via the controller. The result: a charger is only necessary in exceptional cases.  

Using sophisticated brand-name components (motors, controllers, operating elements, batteries) provides the drive system with a high degree of reliability and an excellent price-performance ratio.