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Smooth running of used fat disposal

Rollers of the LPA-PATH series by Blickle optimise kitchen components for restaurant equipment suppliers in the USA

For the disposal of used fat from deep fryers, restaurateurs often use moveable containers to quickly replace the used material. In the USA, it was just this process that caused a restaurant supplier quite a headache. Particularly in this kind of environment, the quick replacement of containers is necessary so as not to interrupt the operation for an unnecessarily long time. Contaminations and aggressive cleaning chemicals impaired or fairly quickly blocked the steering behaviour of castors that were attached to the oil containers. As a result the customer incurred considerable costs. The people responsible got in touch with the experienced Blickle team in the USA – and laid the facts on the table. The customer wanted castors from a local supplier that worked in a reliable manner and were resistant to both oil and cleaning agents. Furthermore, the customer required short delivery times in order to reduce the freight and repair costs. “We looked at the application on site and suggested the LPA-PATH 50K-FK type castors. "Our partner was able to test them extensively and was extremely satisfied with the results”, stated Manual Kraibühler, international sales manager at Blickle.

Advantages of the LPA-PATH 50K-FK castor
Blickle developed the series as a swivel castor with a mounting plate. It also has a bracket made of pressed steel. The special dynamic Blickle riveting of the swivel head makes for minimal play with ease of operation and high durability. The wheel is made of high-quality, thermoplastic polyurethane for low-noise operation with low roll and swivel resistance, even in oily environments. In everyday practice it protects the floor and does not cause wear. Users can easily work with it in temperature ranges from minus 25 to plus 70 degrees Celsius.

No additional costs

LPA-PATH is firmly bonded and exceptionally durably connected to the wheel centre. This ensures low wear and tear. The Blickle development can move loads up to 75 kilograms. The high-grade materials make the wheel resistant to the most common cleaning agents as well as frying oil in gastronomy. Blickle matched the hole pattern of the mounting plate to the customer's previous solution. As a result, there were no design changes or additional tooling costs. Furthermore, the Blickle engineers designed a new castor based on the basic body of the original solution. The modified bracket now has a special fork width and the thread guard was also redesigned. Reward of the efforts: The NSF certified the series. The LPA-PATH series now complies with all the regulations and received approval from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) of the USA.

Worthwhile investment
Investing in the Blickle development paid off for the restaurant equipment supplier. Premature blockages or failures of the castors are a thing of the past. The grease trap containers can be easily and smoothly replaced without splashing used fat. The castors are easy to operate in oily environments and can be steered without any problems. They also survive regular cleaning with aggressive media unscathed. The LPA-PATH series ensures that burgers, fries and schnitzels from the deep fryer are quickly served to consumers without delay.