Success-Story - FALBN

Optimised tread geometry saves energy

The customer

The Austria-based company has been developing and manufacturing intralogistics solutions for 15 years. Its supply chain management specialists, automation technicians and software developers perform complex tasks related to the planning, optimising and implementation of logistics facilities.

The challenge

A general contractor project determined that an automated guided vehicle system (AGV) was the most practical solution for handling internal material flows. The client chose a manufacturer after performing a thorough market analysis. However, the client was not satisfied with how the AGV system was integrated into the material flow layout of the future operator. The client therefore decided to develop their own AGVs. They were looking for drive wheels which were capable of handling a maximum load of 1000 kg per transport unit while maximising energy efficiency. Four drive and steering units were required for each driverless lift truck, each of which was equipped with two wheels. The client wanted to use LiFePo4 (lithium-ironphosphate battery) for energy storage.

Our solution

Heavy duty guide wheel FALBN 75x20/17H7-23-921539

The best possible tread material for this application was the polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®. The tread is characterised by its extremely low rolling resistance. Changing the Shore hardness from 92° to 96° and optimising and overwinding the tread contour permits a high load capacity together with a low swivel resistance.

The result

The sample wheels provided by Blickle passed the client’s tests with flying colors. The Blickle solution also provided the best possible energy efficiency. The client has already put in additional orders for 2018.

Product advantages and technical information FALBN 75x20/17H7-23-921539

  • Polyurethane tread with Blickle Besthane® with 96° Shore A hardness and overwound contour for optimised rolling and swivelling resistance
  • High load capacity of 195 kg per wheel at 5 km/h
  • Robust aluminum wheel center with hub keyway with width 5JS9 and axle bore Ø 17H7 and four fixing holes for application-specific fixing