Wheel series

Drive wheels, hub fitting wheels and ground wheels

Drive wheels are used to drive appliances and equipment. They use the force generated by a motor within the appliance to get it moving. One area where they are currently used is in the drum systems of wind turbines. Blickle has developed a heavy duty drive roller for the wind power industry. Click here to find out more in our success story.

Drive wheels use a hub keyway and key to connect the wheel to the axle. This connection is also used for hub fitting wheels.

Hub fitting wheels are also used to drive machinery and vehicles. 

The Blickle standard range also includes basic wheels with a Vulkollan or Besthane tread. These wheels have a steel wheel centre with a hole which can be tailored to specific requirements.

Drive wheels

GEVN, GTHN, GSTN, GBN, GVUN and SPKVSN series drive wheels

Hub fitting wheels

PA, VLEA, GEVA, GSTA, GBA series hub fitting wheels

Ground wheels

Basic wheels of the series VSB and VSVU