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Meet the Team Interview – Lynn Love

Customer Care Representative


Q. What is your position and duties?

A. I have been the customer care representative for Team West since January of 2017! We support 12 states in the West to ensure they receive product information, quotes, order fulfillment and any special requests in a timely fashion. I also have responsibilities for our largest integrated supplier providing quotes, entering orders and communicating regularly on product status.

Baking is one of my favorite hobbies. I share this by baking different birthday cakes for our team. I am self-appointed birthday cake baker and also social director for our office. We are looking forward to some fun later this month at our Spooky Dessert Contest.


Q. What is your favorite Blickle US memory so far?

A. By far my favorite memory was picking one of my Regional Sales Managers, Wendell, up from the airport for our sales meeting. I will never forget when he got off the plane and walked to baggage claim with a huge sign taped to his chest. This sign read in large bold black font, WENDELL STEPHENSON. I wouldn’t have been able to miss him from a mile away. We had a great laugh and I can honestly say, I love working with both Wendell and Don. We have a great “Team West”! In any sales environment, personal relationships are so important, inside and out.

Q. Do you have any caster rituals?

A. YES! Every Friday I play wheel songs to keep everyone in the wheel mood! This helps to keep our mind focused when it wants to drift off and dream about our weekend plans. A few songs that are on every Friday are: Wheel in the Sky – Journey, Roll with the Changes– REO (my favorite), and Proud Mary – Tina Turner. I am always open to new songs!

Q. Are you excited for your upcoming trip to Germany?


A. I am excited to go to Germany to meet the folks I work with at headquarters daily, see the factory, and see a little bit of the beautiful country. I look forward to expanding my caster knowledge to bring back to my daily work to better help my customers. I love our Corporate Video (http://www.blickle.us.com/en-us/company/corporate-film) and look forward to seeing how we have “reinvented the wheel” for myself! On a side note, it will be a little hard to go, as I am getting married just 2 weeks before my trip. It is a busy time!

To give our customers an inside take on Lynn we asked everyone at Blickle USA “What comes to your mind when you think of Lynn Love?” A few of the responses that we think best describe Lynn are:

• Bubbly
• Energetic
• Enthusiastic
• Loyal
• Social