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With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
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Meet the Team featuring Ashley Fowler

Customer Care Representative


Q. How long have you been with Blickle USA and what is your position?

A. I have been with the company since May 2016 and I am one of Blickle’s Customer Care Representatives. I also help to train our ever expanding Customer Care team.

Q. What are your responsibilities as a Customer Care Representative?

A. I am responsible for taking care of our customers in the North East and Central territories. I would like to state that I have the best customers at Blickle USA! I provide excellent customer service by preparing quotes in a timely manner, helping customers decide which caster or wheel will benefit their solution most (offering a special work-up if needed), following up with customers who have received quotes, and ensuring my customers’ orders are sent on time every time by helping our production team in the warehouse.

Q. How would you describe your work life at Blickle USA?


A. I am always busy, talking, and having fun. I thoroughly enjoy my job, coworkers, and customers.

Q. Which caster describes you the best?

A. I would say that I am most like the LIX-POSI 100G-OF caster. The POSI wheel is heat resistant and I can handle a lot of heat, trust me. The LIX bracket has a strong central kingpin similar to my strong central knowledge of the Blickle brand. Lastly, because I have strict regulations on cleanliness and personal hygiene, I have to be the –OF version without grease.

Q. What do you do when you are not working hard to help customers at Blickle?Ashley2_bearb_neu

A. Well, I am also full time student at The University of West Georgia. I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2018 with a Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. In any free time I have I am usually spending it with my family or at the beach getting tan (or burnt)!

Q. Have you ever had a dream about Blickle?

A. So, I first started at Blickle right before a sales meeting and believe it or not… I overslept for my first sales meeting! I was over an hour late and I was freaking out. This was no huge deal to everyone (as I just started and I didn’t have much to contribute to the meeting anyways) but they all proceeded to joke with me about it for months. Since that incident, I must have at least two dreams a month about me being late for an important meeting or shipment. The struggles of a full time college student and employee… :)

To give our customers an inside take on Ashley we asked everyone at Blickle USA “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ashley Fowler?” A few of the responses that we think best describe Ashley are:


• Efficient
• Determined
• Hands-on
• Diligent
• Proactive
• Can-do Attitude
• Kind
• Intelligent