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With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Blickle tours for pupils in French

France is among the Federal Republic of Germany’s most important
trade partners. The pupils from the technical high schools in Hechingen learned about the economic significance of the German-French relation last week at Blickle in Rosenfeld.

On the initiative of the Franco-German Youth Office, companies open their doors to pupils on tour days. Denise Blickle, Executive Management at Blickle Räder+Rollen, is French herself and took it to herself to participate in this project personally. Seventeen pupils from the business high school and the social sciences high school in Hechingen visited the company with their French teacher Dietmar Emperle.

In a presentation in French, Export Area Manager Frank Lühe explained business relations with France and guided the pupils through the company. Production takes place only at the location in Rosenfield. The employees at the Export department communicate with the Blickle subsidiary in France and the Canadian sales company in French. In the follow-up discussions, the students asked questions in French, putting their excellent language skills to the test.

Human Resources Officer Thomas Katz and Cooperative State student Linda Weisser were available to answer any questions on the traineeship program. Linda Weisser completed a semester abroad last year and was able to give the pupils a first-hand report on the importance of foreign languages in professional life.