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Synthetic twin caster awarded international design prize

The company Blickle, hailing from Rosenfeld, Germany, convinced the 2014 Red Dot Award panel of 40 experts with the high quality design of its new Move caster.

In the current competition, the international experts discussed and rated 4,815 submissions from 53 nations. The Move received the coveted Red Dot seal of quality in the category of product design.

The design engineers from the southern German company worked with a design firm to develop this new caster. The result: a perfect combination of design and functionality. The tread made of thermoplastic polyurethane ensures maximum operational comfort and reduces noise to a minimum. To also meet the high hygienic requirements of the medical industry, the caster is available in both stainless and electrically conductive versions.

Blickle took the increasing demand for synthetic casters as an incentive to invest in its own plastics production facility. And this strategy has paid off. Turnover has grown steadily over the past few years. The design prize confirmed the positive reception from the market for this synthetic twin caster. On 7 July 2014 the conclusion of the internationally renowned product competition, the Red Dot Awards, will be celebrated in Essen, Germany. The synthetic twin caster will be presented to a wide audience for four weeks in the winner’s exhibition at the Red Dot Museum. The caster will then be integrated into the museum’s permanent collection.