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Blickle acquires Swiss caster producer Progressus

Blickle from Rosenfeld, Germany, took over the business activities of Swiss company Progressus AG effective 1 July 2014.

Progressus has established itself on the market as a producer of primarily special stainless steel casters for over 50 years. In future, Progressus casters will be manufactured by the Swiss Blickle subsidiary in Lyssach. Sales will remain under the Progressus brand via the international Blickle sales organisation.

Progressus casters are primarily used in the medical, chemical and food industries. True to Blickle’s motto, the Swiss casters also stand for reliability, quality and a long service life.

With this acquisition, Blickle expands its comprehensive selection of stainless steel casters and its leading position in this market segment.

Detailed information on the Progressus products will soon be published on the website.