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So that the cake holds its shape

Blickle exhibits wheels and casters for the food and hygiene sectors at iba 2018

At iba 2018, the leading world fair for bakers and confectioners (Munich 15 to 20 September), Blickle will exhibit its extensive offer of wheels and casters for the food industry. The POBS wheel series is included in the highlights in Hall A1 on stand 221. Thanks to high load capacities with very low rolling resistances, it is the perfect solution for food production and all hygiene applications.

POBS_SerieBlickle is now offering the POBS series, which has already been tried and tested in numerous customer projects, in its standard product range. The wheel centre made of polyamide is particularly resistant. Particularly in the food and hygiene sector, much of the work is often carried out in wet or humid environments. Now, Blickle is providing the perfect solution. The wheels have a particularly thick, elastic tyre, made of high-quality polyurethane elastomer, known as Blickle Besthane Soft. This ensures very high operational comfort, quiet running and low rolling resistance: As a result, transport trolleys and the like can be easily and safely moved on a wet floor.

Other advantages of the POBS series:

• Abrasion-resistant and non-staining
• Have one or two sealed, high-quality stainless ball bearings and are easy to maintain due to long-life grease lubrication
• Wheels are hydrolysis and corrosion resistant
• High level of resistance against aggressive media
• Temperature resistant from minus 25 to plus 70 degrees (briefly up to 90 degrees)

Blickle offers wheels with diameters from 80 to 200 millimetres and tyre widths from 30 to 50 millimetres. The load capacity lies between 140 and 500 kilograms.

Excellent operational comfort due to SoftMotion
POBS_SoftmotionIf sensitive products and goods need to be moved in the food and hygiene sector, the correct choice would be the soft rubber series, SoftMotion, by Blickle. It provides users with the highest possible operational comfort, very good damping of the goods transported and considerable noise reduction: With the new wheels of high-quality elastic solid rubber, rolling becomes a gentle glide. The tyre is permanently vulcanised onto the polyamide (POES series) or the aluminium wheel centres (ALES series). As a result, the wheels are perfectly capable of accommodating lateral loads.

The thick cushion layer with a specially adapted shape ensures a smooth ride. The coating in 55 Shore A is elastic and has a low rolling resistance. The series can be used flexibly – from serving trolleys through to the transport of components sensitive to shock. The wheels are temperature resistant from minus 25 to plus 80 degrees and briefly up to 100 degrees Celsius. Blickle lists the series with wheel diameters from 100 to 200 millimetres and tyre widths from 32 to 50 millimetres in its portfolio. They are suitable for loads from 120 to 350 kilograms.