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With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
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Meet the Team featuring Tony Carrasco

Technical Sales Coordinator

Tony_pic_1Q. What are your responsibilities on the Blickle US team?

A. I am dedicated to sales, regional sales support and customer service. My focus is mainly on Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Q. What is your experience in the caster industry?

A. I have been a part of the caster industry for 26 years. I worked my way up from assembling casters in the warehouse > counter sales > sales > accounts receivables  > General Manager > Technical Sales Coordinator at Blickle US. I would say I have “well rounded” experience with casters and wheels.

Tony_pic_2Tony_WheelQ. If you could be any Blickle wheel or caster, which would you be?

A. I would have to say I am most like the LH-ALB 200K with the Blickle Besthane polyurethane tread. As a Workhorse, this caster has characteristics of heavy duty, durability, and quality. For myself I can say that I carry heavy loads, give quality customer service, and maintain durability – all which have been proven over my 26 years in the industry.

Tony_pic_3Q. What are some of your favorite reasons for working at Blickle?

A. I enjoy problem solving with customers to solve their caster needs. I love the experienced and knowledgeable all-star team. Overall, I am excited for the exponential potential for individual and company growth.

To give our customers an inside take on Tony we asked everyone at Blickle USA “What comes to your mind when you think of Tony Carrasco?” A few of the responses that we think best describe Tony are:
• Diligent
• Enthusiastic
• Friendly
• Ambitious
• Driven
• Team player