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From mobile to stable

Blickle is extending its existing range with further innovative levelling casters

Due to the growing importance of mobility in the whole of industry, lifting and setting down transport trolleys and transport units is becoming increasingly important.

In the past, the Blickle range of levelling casters has proved itself in many applications. Mobile equipment or machines can be quickly converted into stable working surfaces, simply by pressing the operating lever. The range has now been supplemented with further innovative levelling casters with various operating concepts. These include for example swivelling operating levers or a hydraulic pump to lift several levelling casters simultaneously. With regard to the equalisation of the different mounting heights of individual casters, the new range of levelling casters also offers optimum solutions.


  • From mobile to stable – HRLK-HN levelling casters

    This series is a further development of the successful HRLK levelling caster, which was the first levelling caster which could be quickly and simply raised and lowered with a foot pedal. In the new series, the operating lever is no longer fixed, but rather swivels with the caster.

    • Ideal for use in confined spaces, as the lever can be swivelled under the edge of the trolley
    • Foot injuries (due to the protruding lever) are therefore avoided
    • Very good for mobile operation, due to generous floor clearance of 13 millimetres

  • From stable to mobile– HRLK-F levelling casters

    This series is the inverse version of the HRLK-HN levelling caster. While the previous castor is primarily used for applications which are mainly in motion and only have to be fixed occasionally, this series is primarily intended for stationary applications.

    • Height-adjustable wheel, which can be raised and lowered with a foot pedal
    • The truck lock is fixed.
    • Ground clearance of 5 millimetres in the mobile state
    • Load capacity up to 150 kilogrammes

Both of the series described above are available with various wheel versions made from high-quality impact-resistant nylon 6 or non-staining Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane treads. The bracket is made of thick pressed steel and has a double ball bearing in the swivel head. The wheel diameter is 80 millimetres, while the top plate fitting is installed as standard with dimensions 100 x 85 millimetres. However, other plate dimensions are also available. In addition, this series can also be produced in an electrically conductive version on request, for use in sensitive environments

  • For really heavy work – HRLSD levelling casters

    This heavy duty levelling caster series features an extremely durable welded steel construction. As standard, the twin casters are equipped with impact-resistant nylon 6 or non-staining Blickle Extrathane® treads. The total height of the levelling caster can be quickly and simply adjusted with an adjustable truck lock between 170 and 210 millimetres via the adjustable truck brake. These levelling casters are ideal for heavy stationary equipment, which only needs to be moved occasionally. In spite of this, they have a generous floor clearance of 40 millimetres in their mobile state.

    • Load capacity up to 1,300 kilogrammes, depending on the version
    • Simple movement and positioning of heavy machine tools and other large equipment
    • Uneven surfaces can be ideally compensated for.
    • Ground clearance of 40 millimetres in the mobile state
    • With electrically conductive nylon wheels if required

  • Making lifting easier – HRLK-HYD levelling casters

    With this series of levelling casters transport units of up to 550 kilogrammes can be converted into stable working surfaces by means of an integrated, hydraulically actuated truck lock. The hydraulic cylinders of the individual levelling casters are connected to a central pump via hydraulic hoses. On actuation of the hand crank, hydraulic oil flows from the pump into the cylinders of the levelling casters. This hydraulic unit is made by the Swiss company Ergoswiss and has been tried and tested over many years. The set which is supplied consists of four levelling casters with wheels with a thermoplastic polyurethane tread from the PATH series, the hydraulic pump including hand crank and an installation set with operating instructions.

    • Silent and synchronous lifting
    • Minimal force required
    • Max. lifting force per set (4 castors), 550 kilogrammes

You can find further series for different requirements in our new range of levelling casters


If you are interested in one of the series described above or other levelling casters from our range, please call us on the telephone number below or contact use via Mail.