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New Blickle US movie

With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Update: Current status Coronavirus – Continued availability of Blickle wheels and casters

03/31/2020 - In order to provide the best protection for our employees, we have taken extensive protective measures in the past few days. Many Blickle administration employees are now working from their home office and shift work models have been introduced in production and some administration roles.

These measures have had no impact on our delivery performance and availability. Our specialist advisors are still there for you during usual business hours with support and advice to keep your business moving. Our production runs smoothly and the material supplies is secured. Therefore, we currently do not see any restrictions to the availability of our products and our delivery performance.

At this point we would like to sincerely thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their outstanding commitment and their loyalty. Especially in the current situation it is particularly important that we stick together and manage this time together.

We will keep you up to date in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions via telephone or email. Stay healthy!




03/20/2020 - With regard to the effects of the Corona Virus on production and delivery capacities, we can currently confirm the continued availability and quick delivery of Blickle wheels and casters. The Blickle USA warehouse is fully stocked as multiple container shipments continue to arrive weekly from Blickle Germany. All Internal Operations such as Sales, Customer Service, Engineering, Marketing, Shipping / Receiving etc. are fully operational and prudent steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all.

Due to the high level of vertical integration at our production facility, our anticipatory stocking of raw materials in Rosenfeld, Germany and high stock levels at Blickle USA, we currently do not see any restrictions as of yet vis-à-vis the availability of our products. We encourage our customers to provide blanket orders if you require dedicated inventory protection or have known requirements in the coming months.

Of course, the health and safety of our partners and employees is and remains our top priority. Hence, in order to prevent the Corona Virus from spreading further, we have taken substantial protective measures and are monitoring the current development very closely.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions via telephone or email.