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New Blickle US movie

With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Construction of a second high-rack warehouse

Exceeding all expectations: at 40 meters, the new high-rack warehouse will tower over the existing one by 13 meters.

Rosenfeld, Germany, June 2015. The construction of the logistics center in 2010 and the greatest investment in the Blickle's history was just five years ago. Due to rapid business development, the reserves in the warehouse planned then are no longer enough. Back during construction, an expansion area was planned in addition to the current high-rack warehouse, which can now be used.  The Rosenfeld local council gave the application its unanimous approval. Mayor Thomas Miller called the expansion "a great commitment to the Rosenfeld location". Construction began in June 2015. Right into August, the racks are being positioned and the warehouse will then be lined. “We want to begin with test operation by the end of the year,” says Walter Wager, Managing Director.