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With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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Position as an up-and-coming SME confirmed

High-performing, globally successful companies with leading technologies are generally considered leaders in the global market. But what sets a company apart from all the rest? And who is really in a position to call themselves a global market leader? The Henri B. Meier Unternehmensschule at the University of St. Gallen partnered together with the Academy of German Global Market Leaders [Akademie Deutscher Weltmarktführer (ADWM)] to find the answer to these questions and used scientific criteria to put together the Global Leader Index. This index is used to research and present current and future global market leaders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Blickle Räder+Rollen GmbH u. Co. KG was one of just 23 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to be named a "Global Market Leader - Future Champion". Future Champions are up-and-coming SMEs with the potential to become a global champion.

Blickle is already a leader in several segments. Being named a "Global Market Leader - Future Champion" more than confirms the company's aim to strengthen this position by manufacturing products with a unique level of functionality, quality, durability and cost-effectiveness.