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Renewed award as "World Market Leader – Future Champion 2017"

Blickle as a "perfect example" of efficiency

This year, the B. Meier Business School of the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with the Academy of German World Market Leaders (ADWM) has once again evaluated several companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The remit of the investigators was to determine which of the companies will develop into future world market leaders. This evaluation was carried out on the basis of the World Market Leader Index, which determines the winners by means of transparent selection criteria.

According to these criteria, the (owner) management must be headquartered to at least 50 per cent in the DACH area. The company must be represented on at least three continents with its own export activities. The annual turnover must be between 5 and 50 million euros. In addition, the company must be market leader number one or two in the relevant market segment and the export share of the total turnover must be at least 40 per cent.

As in the previous year, with a 100% ownership share in the DACH area, export activities on six continents, an annual turnover in the three-figure million range and an export share of the total turnover of 57 per cent, Blickle can easily meet all of these requirements.

The awards are given to those companies which serve as a perfect example of successful business in their sector. Blickle regards the award not only as recognition for its previous performance, but also as an incentive to further improve its product quality, customer satisfaction and efficiency in order to earn the title "World Market Leader Champion".

As a media partner, in the title story of its current issue (5-2017), "Searching for the Pearls in the Province", the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche presented three of the world market leaders from rural areas – one of these is Blickle. Managing Director Reinhold Blickle and Marketing Manager Werner Herre answered questions for the article in an interview in Rosenfeld.