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Blickle among top 100

In Germany, a number of companies have seen turnover growth far beyond average in recent years. These were primarily medium-sized companies – the engine of the German economy with over 15 million jobs in the Federal Republic. They concentrate on specific niches or explore new avenues, which makes them extremely successful. One of these companies is Blickle, which has now climbed its way onto the list of the top 100 medium-sized companies in terms of growth.

Last week, German magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” published a list of the strongest world market leaders in Germany in terms of growth in the period from 2002 to 2012 with a turnover between 50 million and one billion euros.

Executive Partner Reinhold Blickle is proud of his company’s performance: between 2002 and 2012, Blickle has grown an average of 7.1% annually, all despite the bank collapse and financial crisis. The company now accounts for a turnover exceeding 158 million euros and grew by roughly 14% in 2014.

What makes for success in the family company that now employs over 750 staff worldwide? “Keeping with our motto ‘we innovate mobility’, we continuously invest in new technologies and production equipment and focus on expanding our international sales network,” states Reinhold Blickle. Examples include the latest subsidiaries in China and Turkey. “These are growth markets which we consider to have great potential, but which are also generally seeing increased demand for high-quality wheels and casters that are ‘Made in Germany’”.

In total, Blickle currently maintains 16 sales subsidiaries worldwide and delivers its products to over 120 countries across the globe. “Our focus is on being local and providing our high-quality products combined with fast delivery times.” Additional comprehensive investments are also planned for the parent factory in Rosenfeld.