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Managing Director celebrates 40-year anniversary at Blickle

In a ceremony, Walter Wager was honoured for his 40th anniversary at Blickle Räder+Rollen in Rosenfeld on 1 July.

In his speech, Managing Director Reinhold Blickle shared highlights of Walter Wager’s career. After completing his studies at the Wurttemberg Management and Economics academy, Mr Wager started at Blickle on 1 July 1974. At the young age of 22, he took over management of the Accounting department and was then promoted to Head of Finance and Accounting. Thanks to his expert entrepreneurial knowledge and outstanding technical know-how, he also acted as general manager of the emerging company for many years. He was given procuration in 1991 and on 10 January 2005 he was named Managing Director next to Reinhold Blickle.

Reinhold Blickle acknowledged the merits the Managing Director had in establishing and expanding the Blickle Group. “Mr Wager has made a great contribution to making Blickle what it is today,” in his own words. Compared with 88 employees worldwide in 1974, when Walter Wager joined the company, Blickle now employees over 700 staff in 16 countries.

In his own speech, Walter Wager gave thanks for the many years of mutual trust of Reinhold Blickle and his family. He also thanked all his employees for their excellent collaboration over the 40 years and hoped, as he said, to continue performing these tasks at Blickle for years to come.