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New Blickle US movie

With great enthusiasm Blickle USA is
delighted to present the new corporate movie!

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3D product view without a CAD program – now available from Blickle!

From now on, all wheels and casters on the Blickle website can be viewed as 3D models without a CAD program.

No login in the download area is needed. In the individual view of a selected product, you can see the button “PDF 3D” under “Options”. Click on the button and the file will open automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In the 3D PDF, you can zoom in and out and turn the model in any direction. This allows you to view it from all possible angles. In addition, the products can be displayed as wireframe graphics, giving you a general idea of the caster's inner workings. Using the measuring tools that come with the program, you can also make simple measurements on the model.

Try it here