Stainless Steel Casters for Outdoor Kitchens

Casters with POTH-Wheel LEXR-POTH 125XKF-FI-AS-957554

The client a manufacturer of outdoor kitchens. The company makes high-quality, weather-resistant, stainless steel kitchens that remain outdoors year round. All kitchen modules and components are assembled with a combination of industrial manufacturing and manual craftsmanship. The company headquarters and production site are in Ostwestfalen, Germany. Its products are sold through kitchen supply retailers.

The challenge

The standard versions of the outdoor kitchens have fixed feet, but since many customers want to have more flexibility in positioning them, the kitchen modules are optionally available with casters. The entire caster design must therefore be able to handle moisture and a wide range of temperatures.

The company previously used casters from a competitor, which were based on an aluminum rim. However, these corroded quickly when exposed to the weather, resulting in visible blemishes on the aluminum. The client was also unsatisfied with the stiffness of the locking pedal.

We were asked to supply a corrosion-resistant caster with a smoothly operating locking pedal and a protected bearing to prevent penetrating water from damaging the wheel cover when it freezes. The client also wanted its logo on the wheel cover.

Our solution

Stainless Steel Casters LEXR-POTH 125XKF-FI-AS-957554

Stainless steel caster LEXR-POTH 125XKF-ASWe recommended a caster with nylon wheel center and antistatic tread made of thermoplastic polyurethane. A caster with POTH wheel and stainless steel wheel cover was designed specifically for this application. The client’s logo is laser-engraved onto the cover. The caster also has a high-quality stainless steel rig with bolt hole, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearing and a smooth FI pedal.

The result

Our client received a smoothly rolling and weather-resistant premium caster with a user-friendly FI lock. The antistatic tread ensures a high level of safety for the outdoor kitchens. We met the client’s need for fast delivery times and implemented a high-quality solution for displaying the logo. In line with our LEXR-POTH 125XKF-FI-AS-957554 there is also the LEXR-POTH 125XKF-AS-957555 swivel caster without brake system.

Technical Information and Product Advantages LEXR-POTH 125XKF-FI-AS-957554