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Success Story - SPKGSPOA

SPKGSPOA heavy-duty flanged wheels for rail vehicles


The Customer

A manufacturer of shunters and rail vehicles.


The Challenge

The customer developed a road-rail vehicle with an unprecedented drive concept that is suitable for both rails and streets. For rail use, the vehicle required a flanged wheel, which features smooth rolling with high load capacities. With predetermined dimensions such as a diameter of 29.5 inches the aim was to be able to guarantee load capacities of 7.7 tons, as well as improved traction values and reduced noise emissions

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Our Solution

Because the customer-specific requirements necessitated a special construction, we developed a welded wheel center made of 42CrMo4 steel with a welded support ring. We are able to achieve improved traction compared to steel-on-steel using a shrink-fit cast nylon press-on band, which also provides improved operational comfort.

Product advantages & technical information SPKGSPOA 750:

• The shrink-fit cast nylon press-on band ensures a high running comfort and improved traction performance • Additional fixing of the press-on band with multiple threaded bolts and a locking ring
• The reinforced steel wheel center allows load capacities of up to 7.7 tons • Optimal transmission of force with positive locking between the press-on band and wheel center