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Success-Story - RI


The Customer

An international medium-sized company specializing in intelligent storage logistics and modular rack systems.
The end customer is an automotive manufacturer who commissioned an easy to handle trolley for operation in various factories.

Trennlinie  Success-Story-27-Challenge

The Challenge

The commissioned trolleys are required for several automotive factories and the castors should have the following requirements:
• 2 swivel castors with central locking system and foot guard, electrically conductive.
• 2 swivel castors with directional lock and foot guard, electrically conductive.

An important factor in the design of the directional lock is that it must not protrude outside of the trolley. But it must remain easy to activate from the side.   Trennlinie


Our Solution

Working closely with the trolley manufacturer and the logistic planners we quickly produced a solution based on our LE-ALEV 200K-EL series.
All four castors have been fitted with our spring-loaded foot guards and two out of the four with our CS11 central locking system. The design of our standard RI-03.03 directional lock was altered to enable it to be used from the side. This change also meant that is would no longer protrude therefore allowing space to be saved when loading the trolleys onto trucks.



Product advantages & technical information RI-03.03-763779 respectively 763508:

• Two designs:
   763779 - operable from the right
   763508 - operable from the left
   Suitable for plate 3 (bracket series as RI-03.03)
• Easy to operate
• Space-saving
• No risk of injury
• No protrusion (preventing possible damage)