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Success Story - POEV

Blickle wheels to guide drums in dryers

Customer_bearThe Customer

A leading manufacturer of high-quality household appliances.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

So far wheels with a riveted steel rim, central ball bearing and rubber tread with a 70°-75° shore A hardness have been used to guide the drums in the dryers. The increasing speed of the drum up to approx. 75 rpm at full load, followed by heating-up to approx. 176°F significantly affects the wheels being used. Deceleration to a standstill at full load and high temperature increases the stress on the wheels and may result in an irreversible flattening of the tread.  

SolutionOur Solution

To achieve the required properties of smooth rolling characteristics and elasticity at wheel revs of approx. 550 rpm and a load of almost 440 lbs, we used our specially developed wheels, POEV 71/10K-758279, for this application. This wheel and ball bearing turns at a speed of 2 m/s and consists of a wheel center made of nylon with heat distortion resistance and an elastic solid rubber tread. The wheel POEV 71/10K-758279 offers the best values in regards of rebound resilience and reduces the danger of tread flattening considerably.



Product advantages and technical information POEV 71/10K-758279:
• High-quality, vulcanized elastic solid rubber tread
• 70°-75° shore A hardness
• Load capacity of 330 lbs
• Operating temperature -13°F - +212°F
• Low rolling resistance
• Low-noise operation
• Least flattening due to high rebound resilience
• Wheel center made of dimensionally stable nylon, suitable at higher speeds
• Central encapsulated ball bearing
• Very smooth rolling characteristics due to very good rotation features