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Success Story - POEV 201/20K-SG

Corrosion-resistant rubber wheel for cleaning machines


The Customer

A company with quality products for floor cleaning and property maintenance. One of the leading manufacturers of cutting edge technology for interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, and property maintenance. The company now employs over 2,000 staff worldwide.

Trennlinie Challenge

The Challenge

The goal was to replace an existing running wheel on a hand- operated scrubber dryer with an inexpensive variant. In addition to a wheel diameter of 200 mm, the following was required:

• Tread made of an oil-resistant rubber compound
• Sealed ball bearing
• Non-marking
• Non-slip
• Resistant to cleaning agents
• Maintenance-free

Trennlinie Solution Success-Story-10-Solution-2

Our Solution

For the cleaning machine, we recommended our POEV 201/20K-SG with nylon core and elastic solid-rubber tread. The rubber compound developed especially for this use features a hardness of 65° Shore A, is non-marking, non-slip, and resistant to the cleaning agents used. The wheel has a centrally encapsulated ball bearing. Between the ball bearing and the ball bearing seal, there is also a cavity filled with seawater-resistant grease. Furthermore, a ball-bearing with reduced tilting play was selected to increase lateral stability.

After intensive testing under real conditions, the wheel was approved for standard installation on the cleaning machine. The newly developed rubber compound can also be used in other cleaning machines thanks to its excellent rolling characteristic.

Product advantages & technical information POEV 201/20K-SG-867292:

• Tread made of a newly developed rubber compound with a hardness of 65° Shore A, non-marking, non-slip, oil and cleaning agent-resistant • Protection against corrosion with a centrally encapsulated ball bearing additionally sealed with grease
• Tailor-made solution for cleaning machines • Maintenance-free, long-lasting wheel