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Success Story - LSOA-ALBS

Heavy Duty Casters with Chain Steering System


The Customer

A renowned automotive manufacturer who wanted to create a standardized trailer with a special chain steering mechanism for all of their global sites.

Trennlinie Success-Story-6-Challenge

The Challenge

To develop a trailer for the supply of materials to assembly lines. The requirements for the trailer were: stability within the trailer when used in track convoys to move them to assembly points, possibility to maneuver the trailer at a 90° angle to precisely fit the trailer up to the assembly stand and removability of the trailer from the assembly stand in all directions. Additionally the replacement of the current system that could only be moved in a 90° direction through the lowering of a second trolley should save costs. The goal has been a modular concept to be used with various trailer designs.

Trennlinie Success-Story-6-Solution

Our Solution

A trailer where two out of the four swivel casters have no offset (series LSOA-ALBS), are placed one behind the other and then linked by chain attached to a tow bar. This means the casters can be pivoted at a 90° angle by maneuvering the tow bar to successfully position the trailer without resistance. The other two free swiveling casters (LS-ALBS) have an increased offset and a greater crowned tread increasing the ease of swivel action.

In addition to the swivel casters we also supply other components. For example the drive chain which is easily integrated into the design of the trailer.

LSOA-ALBS 200K-RA-761712: LS-ALB 200K-RA-760676:

• No offset • Increased offset (95mm)
• Integrated sprocket • Greater crowned tread on ALBS wheels (R25)
• Radstop” wheel brake • Low swivel resistance
• Good traction (ALBS wheel) • Radstop” wheel brake