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Success-Story - LSFN

Spring-loaded Blickle heavy duty casters prevent glass breakage


The Customer

The global market leader in the world of fine dining and the creator of innovative, high-quality design collections.

The Challenge

LSFN_challengeThe workshop has 250 loading platforms on casters, guaranteeing the delivery of finished products from the oven to various storage locations, finishing operations and shipping. These transfers are made on a continuous basis. The transport platforms, which are each towed in units of five both indoors and outdoors, can carry goods weighing up to 1.5 tons.

The route involves many obstacles: in some places, the ground is covered in broken glass and remnants of plastic film which the pallets are wrapped in. These obstacles cause considerable shocks and impact during transfer. As a result, the client had many problems with glass breakage because, firstly, the products collided with one another when transported and, secondly, the load would fall off after being knocked off balance. Further problems caused high noise emissions as a result of various points of friction between the platforms as well as the film remnants, which often wrapped around the wheel axle.


Our Solution

The mounting height of transportation units had to be maintained. In the course of a minor modification to the trolley construction, Blickle achieved success with the standard items LSFN-SE 252K and BSFN-SE 252K. The elastic solid rubber tires with “Blickle EasyRoll” smooth rolling quality combined with the extremely robust spring-loaded bracket in the LSFN series is perfect for use in a glass factory. They soften any impact and reduce noise when moving. An additional thread guard prevents film remnants that may be lying around from wrapping around the wheel axle and consequently causing it to lock.



Product advantages and technical information LSFN-SE 252K-FA and BSFN-SE 252K-FA:
• Thread guards prevent wheels getting blocked by film remnants
• Extremely robust LSFE/BSFE welded steel and spring-loaded bracket absorbs shocks caused by running over obstacles
• Further noise absorption and reduction thanks to elastic solid rubber tires with Blickle EasyRoll smooth rolling quality