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Success Story - LSFE-GST 304K-RI20

Spring-Loaded Heavy Duty Caster for Aircraft Construction


The Client

A subsidiary of a technology group that specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft components. The company supplies to both government and private customers.

Trennlinie Success-Story-7-Challenge

The Challenge

During construction, the fuselage components are moved to various workplaces within the company. This presents a wide range of challenges for the casters. The construction path of the casters includes: a smooth floor in the interior of the plant, steps, and an uneven surface with metal grids in the outdoor area. The loads have also become increasingly larger. Due to the steadily increasing requirements, the original casters had to be adapted to the new conditions several times. Up to now, the transportation frames had steel-spring heavy duty LSFN Series casters with elastic, solid rubber tires and direction locks.

Trennlinie Success-Story-7-Solution

Our Solution

To compensate for the increased requirements, the solid rubber tires were replaced with “Blickle Softhane®”” polyurethane tread. Blickle Softhane® polyurethane tread provides greater cut and tear resistance for rolling over obstacles, less rolling resistance and greater rebound resilience for easier maneuverability, and as a bonus with all polyurethane treads- non-marking mobility. The reinforced swivel head is able to absorb the impact loads from the housing. In addition, a wider wheel was used, with a higher load capacity. The use of polyurethane shock absorbers additionally optimized the damping characteristics, providing better protection for the sensitive load.

Product Advantages & Technical Information LSFE-GST 304K-RI20-911992:

• Enables versatile use on various surfaces with various loads and speeds. • Reinforced swivel head and wider wheel.
• Use of elastomer springs (no oscillations as with a steel spring, but rather controllable damping).
Adaptation according to customer requirements: Spring travel 1.18”, spring force 4,410 lbs.
• Load capacity of 4,960 lbs. at 2.5 mph.
• The housing was designed so that a direction lock can be retrofitted. • Optimum adaptation of the caster to the use by the customer.