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Success-Story - LSD-GST

Heavy duty twin casters assist satellite simulation

CustomerThe Customer

Manufacturer of satellites for the fields of news and information.


The Challenge

The casters are used to move a simulation portal crane, which has a weight of more than 5.5 tons. This crane system enables simulation of the unfolding of satellite radar antennae. The heavy crane is located on a pressure-sensitive soft surface, on which the wheels must only exert a minimal pressure. In addition, the restricted space available for the casters has to be considered with regard to the mounting height, wheel diameter and swivel radius, and a brake system is also required.  

Solution_2Our Solution

The Blickle Softhane® tread material provides a high load capacity with relatively low floor pressure. The LSD-GST 302K-RAH caster was selected as the basis. This caster also has the advantage that the double wheels provide a larger contact area, which results in further reduction of the floor pressure.

SolutionFor this application, constructional modifications were required to use this caster with the relatively large wheel diameter and therefore greater load capacity. To achieve a swivel radius as small as possible, our engineers modified the LSD-GST-302K-RAH caster so that the wheel lock was transferred from the trailing edge to the leading edge. This modification enables the heavy duty twin casters to be used under the portal crane in spite of the restricted space available.


Product advantages and technical information LSD-GST 302K-RAH-RI4H-910776:
• Twin caster with Blickle Softhane soft polyurethane tread for low floor pressure on sensitive surfaces with high load capacity
• Manually actuated RAH wheel lock mounted on the leading edge to reduce the swivel radius in the confined space