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Success Story - LS6 Bracket

Specialized Bracket with Attachment Point for a Tie Rod


The Customer

A major retailer of specialized tires. The company’s product range includes everything from moped tires to tubes for bicycles and tires for carriages.


The Challenge

The customer also supplies pneumatic wheels for airport carts. Their search for a suitable specialized bracket led them to Blickle. We were faced with the challenge of designing a connection point for the tie rod (which ensures positive steering) that would need to be added to the swivel bracket. Our design had to guarantee that the bracket would not collide with the tie rod.


Our Solution

Due to its high load capacity, a LS heavy-duty bracket was the only option. We worked with the customer to determine their individual requirements and sort out the details of the connection points. A plate with attachment points (bolts) was added to the swivel fork. The tie rod is fixed to these points. Two 30x45° chamfers were fixed to the bracket to prevent the bracket from colliding with the tie rod.

Product Advantages & Technical Information of the GH-LS6-420x170-38-VG-2-905154:

• Heavy duty swivel bracket with tie rod attachment point (positive steering for caster). • Two 30 x 45° chamfers on the swivel fork prevent the bracket colliding with the tie rod.
• Load capacity of 3,300 lbs. with a maximum total height of 19.69” per caster.