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Success Story - LS-SVS

Foot guard with movable scraper made of nylon

The Customer

One of the largest manufacturers of omnibuses.


The Challenge

The omnibuses are manufactured on a production line. Two frames with four rolls each are used for each bus to move it along the assembly line. Previously, the customer used Blickle extra heavy-duty solid steel casters with foot guards, whose brackets can handle a maximum load of four tons. As the omnibuses have increased in size and weight, new casters with higher load capacities were required. In addition, the foot guards of the previously used casters were fixed to the bracket. As the transport frames have to occasionally move across rails in the manufacturing halls, a more flexible solution was required.


Our Solution

Since the Blickle extra heavy-duty solid steel casters offer ideal starting and rolling resistance values, the customer wanted to continue using our SVS casters. In cooperation with the engineering department, an optimized solution for the brackets was sought. Due to the extremely heavy loads of up to 6 tons per caster, only our welded-steel LS heavy-duty swivel brackets were suitable and equipped with an optimized foot guard and scraper.

In the new solution for the LS heavy-duty bracket, the scraper was mounted via two vertical slots on the foot guard and weighted by a 12 mm thick steel plate. During operation on even ground the weight of the scraper keeps it in the starting position slightly above the floor. If the transport frame passes across an obstacle, the scraper is pushed up via the vertical slots. Once the obstacle is overcome, the scraper is lowered to its original position. This product provided the customer with more mobility and greater load capacities.

Product advantages & technical information LS-SVS 250K-FS-846283:

• Particularly rugged welded steel heavy-duty swivel caster with a load capacity of 6 tons. • Increased work safety through foot guards.
• Very low starting and rolling resistance through the use of solid steel heavy-duty casters. • Movable scrapers made of nylon allow travel on uneven floors and keeps obstacles out of the way.