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Success Story - LS-ALB

Optimum Swiveling and Rolling Resistance with LS-ALB


The Customer

A leading manufacturer of transport units and logistic solutions. The expanding family company supplies almost all well-known car manufacturers.


The Challenge

Previously, the customer obtained its casters from a wheel and caster dealer in the USA, who imported its heavy duty casters from China. Due to the more stringent ergonomic guidelines and applications with higher travel and towing speeds, there were quality problems with the previous heavy duty casters. The casters had fractures of the central kingpin and tread detachment. Due to the growth of business and an increased annual requirement for more than 40,000 casters, the customer was actively searching for a better solution.

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Our Solution

Blickle met the stringent requirements for swiveling and rolling resistance with several innovations:

  • New tread geometry, optimized with regard to rolling and swiveling resistance with a thin Blickle Besthane® polyurethane tread with 92° Shore A
  • Enlarged bracket offset for better swiveling action
  • The dark-gray color of the Blickle Besthane® material conceals dirt on the tread and the special hole pattern of the top plate enables rapid, flexible and easy mounting of the casters.

    The customer was also impressed by the Blickle modular system. This system reduces the number of items, while at the same time provides greater flexibility. In order to implement as many caster combinations and as few standard items as possible for the wide range of transport units, the customer has the option of installing both 8“ diameter wheels as well as 10“ diameter wheels in the 8“ swivel and fixed brackets.


    The modular principle described above is rounded off by SPOG wheels (SPO in gray color), a matching caster with a drum brake, and corresponding wheels from the ALB series for E-frames in towing operation.

    The ALB series has already been included in the standard Blickle range and is available with wheel diameter of 4” – 10”.

    Product Advantages and Technical Information LS-ALB 200K-2RS-910607, BS-ALB 200K-2RS-910608 and BS-ALB 250K-2RS-912653:

    • Optimum swiveling and rolling resistance with the extended offset of the LS bracket and optimized tread geometry of the ALB series. • Reduction of the variety of items due to the possibility of installing 8“ and 10“ wheels in the 8“ LS bracket.
    • Dark gray polyurethane tread Blickle Besthane® hides the dirt. • Cost-effective production and competitive price, as the total annual requirement are more than 40,000 heavy duty casters.
    • Quick mounting with the modified hole pattern in the top plate.