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Success Story - LRA-TPA 75G-FI-ELS-HS in industrial use

Pressed steel foot pedal withstands the harshest conditions

The Customer

A manufacturer of material logistics systems. More precisely, the product range consists of plug-in piping systems, roller rails, transport units and FTS (driverless transport systems).

Trennlinie Challenge_bearb

The Challenge

The customer previously used our standard LRA-TPA 75G-FI-ELS caster with a plastic pedal in its transport units. The transport systems are mainly used in industrial applications. In this field, the employers‘ insurance association stipulates that safety footwear is worn, which is equipped with toecaps made of metal or plastic. In some cases, excessively forceful operation of the pedal with safety footwear and under time pressure resulted in the breakage or dislocation of the plastic pedal. Because of this, the customer required a reinforced pedal which was suitable for harsher operating conditions. This was a challenge for the Blickle designers, who had to find an alternative pedal solution for the harsher environment in order to prevent further failures.

LRA-TPA Solution

Our Solution

In order to make the brake lever considerably more robust, the plastic pedal was replaced with a pressed steel pedal. In addition, in the course of this optimization our engineers also improved the pedal bearings in the swivel fork. With these modifications, a risk of breakage can be largely excluded for the pedal.


Note:The technical solutions and the optimized pedal bearing which were worked out for this project are now used in our standard light duty swivel castors. In addition, our “lightweight“ light duty castor series (LRA, LPA) has a polyamide pedal which has very good sliding characteristics. This allows us to offer as standard a wide range of customers an optimal solution with regard to strength, durability and ease of operation. In contrast, our “heavy“ light duty castor series (LKRA, LKPA) are equipped with a pressed steel pedal as standard.

Product advantages and technical information LRA-TPA 75G-FI-ELS-HS:

• Robust, pressed steel pedal for especially harsh use, to ensure a very low failure risk for the brake.