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Success-Story - LPFE-ALTH

LPFE-ALTH 125K-FA helps road sweepers run smoothly

The Customer

A manufacturer of cleaning equipment.


ChallengeThe Challenge

The customer is looking for the right support casters for an outdoor device mounting, a road sweeping machine. The cleaning equipment manufacturer had originally used casters with stem fittings. However, they did not withstand the impact load, as the machine frequently had to be driven over uneven surfaces and bumps, such as stones, in the outdoor area.

From the customer’s perspective, spring-loaded casters were then considered, and the cleaning equipment manufacturer subsequently chose spring-loaded casters with a steel spring mechanism. However, these swung back too much and the accessory equipment - i.e. the road sweeper - could not run smoothly. As a result, these spring-loaded swivel casters were not a success.  


SolutionOur Solution

Our wheel and caster experts then suggested using the spring-loaded LPFE heavy duty caster series. This patented Woodruff key design has the following benefit: the suspension is excellent at absorbing impacts caused by uneven street surfaces. However, due to the dampening qualities of the polyurethane torsion springs, these did not spring back as strongly as the steel springs.

Another test showed that the sweeping unit of the machine was now running very smoothly with the LPFE casters. The LPFE-ALTH 125K-FA spring-loaded heavy duty swivel casters have now been in use for several years without any problems.


Product advantages and technical information LPFE-ALTH 125K-FA:
• Excellent impact absorption through patented Woodruff key design
• As a result of the great dampening qualities of polyurethane, which is used for the torsion springs, swinging back is prevented as much as possible, enabling the machine to run smoothly
• The closed system protects the swivel head bearing and torsion springs from the moisture and dirt