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Success Story - LPA-PATH

LPA-PATH 50K-FK-922284


The Customer

A restaurant equipment supplier headquartered in the United States. The customer is a producer of kettle fryers, ventless fryers, heated display tables, and waste oil handing equipment.

Trennlinie Success-Story-9-Challenge

The Challenge

The customer sought our expertise after their casters were prematurely failing due to the wheels deteriorating from the use of cleaning chemicals. The customer had to send repairmen out to locations across the United States at a minimum of $300 every time a caster failed. They wanted to buy more reliable casters from a local supplier to minimize freight, minimize repair costs, and have trusted technical support with a local stock for next day delivery. The casters also needed to be resistant to normal restaurant cleaning agents as well as the fatty oils used in the fryers.

Trennlinie  Success-Story-9-Solution

Our Solution

Blickle US was contacted by the company for a comprehensive solution. The experienced technical team at Blickle US suggested the LPA-PATH 50K-FK caster and arranged samples for testing. The customer was very satisfied with the casters, but NSF (an American sanitation requirement for food service) required additional space between the legs and the wheel. So, Blickle engineers came up with a slightly wider rig that earned the approval of NSF and ultimately satisfied the customer.

Product Advantages and Technical Information LPA-PATH 50K-FK-922284:

• The casters were much higher quality than their existing casters which had loose raceways with excess play.
• Blickle tooled a top plate to match their bolt hole pattern, so the customer didn’t have to change their design or incur any additional tooling.
• The Blickle caster solution could be used to seamlessly replace any failed casters in the field.
• The LPA-PATH 50K-FK-922284 casters not only passed but exceeded all testing.
• The LPA-PATH 50K-FK-922284 casters were approved by NSF.
• The PATH wheel is resistant to the most common cleaning agents and fryer oil in the restaurant environment.