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Success Story - LKX-SPOH 205G

Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Casters


The Customer

A leading global player in the food industry. The factory primarily serves to further expand production for the Asian market.


The Challenge

The meat products are subjected to a multi-stage production process in which they are transported on a stainless steel rack with casters, which can weigh up to 1.2 tons. A visit to the site enabled a precise analysis of the situation. In the first step, the products are cooked for eight hours with steam at a temperature of up to 257° F and a room temperature of 176° F. After this, the products are shock-cooled to -73° F in a cooling chamber. After the products have been removed, the racks are cleaned and sterilized with a mixture of water and chemicals. The casters have to have maximum resistance to these harsh conditions. In addition to the harsh conditions, there was an aesthetic problem that the natural color of the polyamide wheels turns yellow under the influence of heat.


Our Solution

By the use of a heat-stabilized plastic granulate with an optimized glass fiber content, the new wheel was given the required heat resistance. The aesthetic problem was counteracted by producing the wheel in a gray color. The swivel head of the housing, which is made from high-quality chrome-nickel steel, is protected by a heat-resistant sealing ring. This is then lubricated with grease, which was specially developed for the food industry and is NSF-certified.

Product Advantages & Technical Information LKX-SPOH 205G-9911913

• The caster can be used from -86° F up to +266° F. • Special NSF-certified grease.
• Robust, corrosion-resistant housing and wheel. • Hygienic appearance.