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Success-Story - LK-SPO 125K and BK-SPO 125K-1

Flexible pallet transport system with LK-SPO 125K-1-FI and BK-SPO 125K-1

The Customer

A supplier of transport systems for glass, windows and house doors.


ChallengeThe Challenge

The customer has developed a special transport system for moving pallets at locations where no lift trucks, forklifts or heavy duty carts are available. The base plate to which the casters are bolted is attached to the pallets with a simple push-in connector. On these pallets, loads of up to one ton can be transported over various floorings both indoors and outdoors. The previous operation of the locking brake and excessive play in the swivel head were not satisfactory from the point of view of the customer.



SolutionOur Solution

With the Blickle LK-SPO 125K-1-FI swivel caster and the matching BK-SPO 125K-1 rigid caster, we were able to offer an excellent solution from our standard range. The special Blickle dynamic riveting process for the swivel head results in minimal swivel head play and smooth rolling characteristics with increased service life achieved by work hardening the ball race grooves. In the brake, the swivel head is positively locked by a brake spring, which engages in a toothed ball disc. At the same time, the wheel is non-positively locked due to the special design of the spring and can therefore be easily and reliably operated. These characteristics immediately impressed the customer with regard to both quality and appearance.


Product advantages and technical information LK-SPO 125K-1-FI and BK-SPO 125K-1:
• Low swivel head play
• Easy to operate wheel and swivel head brake FI
• Excellent rolling resistance
• Dirt repellent design
• Proven Blickle quality and convincing visual appearance