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Success Story - LK-SPO

LK-SPO 201K with special adapter plate for attaching to cabins


The Customer

An internationally active wholesale group in the fastening and assembly technology sector.


The Challenge

The Construction division primarily comprises the market cultivation of construction companies and craftsmen as well as the direct supply of service boxes and service stations to construction sites. The casters that were previously used had frequent malfunctions causing the company to look for better and higher quality casters for their existing and new cabin solutions. Each cabin is to be equipped with swivel casters, 2 with locks and 2 without locks. The special feature of the mounting principle is that the casters are not bolted to the cabin, but must be easily fitted and removed in a quick and simple manner by means of brackets at the edges of the cabins. In addition to the special dimensions of the cabin edges, our designers had to ensure that the weight of the casters was not too large, as changing them had to be a “one-man-job”. Due to the heavy weight of the cabins and their mainly static use, the casters were to have a high load capacity with a low degree of flattening.

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Our Solution

Due to the customer‘s extensive requirements, the Blickle team suggested standard LK-SPO series swivel casters with a wheel diameter of 200 mm, together with a special adapter plate. The swivel caster is bolted to this adapter. The swivel caster can easily be exchanged due to the pre-drilled holes. For mounting, the adapter plate with the caster bolted onto it is inserted and locked into the mount on the cabin. Locking is carried out with the aid of a locking pin that can be rotated by 90° using a lever, and be brought into a position that allows fixed locking of the entire caster. A cotter pin locking device for the locking lever secures the caster against accidental opening of the lock while it is being moved. The special feature of this adapter plate is that with its relatively low weight of approximately five kilograms, bolt-less mounting of the caster to the cabin mount can be carried out by a single person. The system has already proven itself in practice. The first order has already been followed by subsequent orders for further units.

Product Advantages and Technical Information LK-SPO 201K with AP3-903981:

• Adapter plate with a locking device allows easy mounting of the casters to cabins with special fitting dimensions without bolting
• Lightweight but rugged design of the adapter plate enables a one-man-change
• Rugged SPO series wheel made from polyamide 6 with a Shore D hardness of 70° has a longer service life on the construction site.