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Success Story - LK-POTH

Ergonomically perfected “ideal-stop” brake with release lever


The Customer

A manufacturer of motor vehicles. The parent company includes 12 vehicle brands and employs over a half million staff worldwide.

Trennlinie Challenge_bearb

The Challenge

For internal transport, the automobile manufacturer uses trolleys with POTH casters and the “ideal-stop” brake. Previously, releasing a braked caster required foot movement against the brake lever from below. Practice has shown that this foot movement requires a relatively high level of physical effort to release the brake lever.

The customer requested a product that could be locked and released with the downward movement of the foot.

Trennlinie Solution_bearb

Our Solution

Our construction added an additional release lever to the “ideal-stop” brake lever, which is placed above the standard brake lever. This enhanced variant of the “ideal-stop” brake allows the braked caster to be unlocked from above with a simple movement of the foot. This helped to reduce the physical effort required to release the brake.

Product advantages & technical information LK-POTH 160K-IS-867602:

• Ergonomically perfected “ideal-stop” variant with additional lever for releasing the brake. A downward movement of the foot considerably reduces the effort required to release the brake. • The special customer-specific solution can also be used for other projects.