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Success-Story - LIX-SPO

Stainless steel caster LIX-SPO 125XK-933089


The Customer

Manufacturer of windows, doors and roller blinds for caravans and mobile homes.

The Challenge

The customer has established a new process for treating components on carts in a vacuum plasma system. These systems create a negative pressure in a vacuum chamber to modify the surfaces of the components. A process gas (like O2) is fed into the vacuum chamber at a pressure of approximately 0.1 mbar. When the process is complete, the chamber is ventilated and the modified component is removed. The casters must be capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 212 °F and a maximum load of 375 lbs. per caster. The customer wanted to keep using their existing carts with a wheel diameter of 5 inches, but wanted to ensure that no “external” issues, e.g. a chemical reaction involving the lubricants used for the existing casters, would interfere with the delicate process.


Our Solution

Our experts initially recommended a heat-resistant stainless steel caster without lubrication to withstand the temperatures of up to 212 °F. After thoroughly testing a variety of brackets and wheel types, the customer found no technical issues with the casters. However, the customer wanted to use a PFPE (perfluoropolyether) lubricant to improve their running characteristics. This special lubricant has the best possible properties for vacuum coating due to its temperature resistance, pressure resistance, chemical resistance and compatibility with oxygen. Tests in extreme conditions showed that the casters performed brilliantly with the special grease in the swivel head and ball bearings. Therefore the caster can be used without changing the manufacturing process. The customer will now switch all of its transport carts to the new LIX-SPO 125K-933089 caster with special grease.



Product advantages and technical information LIX-SPO 125XK-933089:
• Stainless steel bracket with no swivel head seal provides corrosion protection and is suitable for the use in temperatures up to 212 °F.
• Special heat-resistant grease optimized use in vacuum coating process.
• Good Performance of the SPO caster in high temperatures.
• Low rolling and swivel resistance.