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Success Story - LHF-PTH 200XK-ELS-FS

Clean Room Casters


The Customer...

A leading manufacturer in the opto-electronic and power electronic industries. In the future, lenses and semiconductor wafers will be transported on special Blickle castors throughout the customer’s clean rooms.

Trennlinie Success-Story-12-Challenge

The Challenge

Casters used in a clean-room environment must adhere to a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number and size of particles per cubic meter of air. Therefore a low wear rate, floor type, and protection from electric shock are important factors in caster selection.

Trennlinie Success-Story-12-Solution

Our Solution

In conjunction with our customer we developed a tailor-made version of the LHF spring- loaded series - LHF-PTH 200XK-ELS-FS. This robust, nickel-plated bracket with toe guard and floor lock, combined with our PTH wheel, passed all of the customer testing, and is now being successfully used.

Product Advantages and Technical Information LHF-PTH 200XK-ELS-FS:

• High-quality thermoplastic polyurethane tread • Load capacity: 880 lbs
• Gentle treatment of specialist floorings • Special clean room approved grease in the swivel section and ball bearings
• Non-marking wheel • Specially shaped and hardened bearing seats
• Minimal abrasion • Corrosion-resistant ball bearings and springs
• 94° Shore A Hardness • Toe guard
• Nylon 6 wheel core • Electrically conductive version
• Heat resistance: - 15°F to + 160°C