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Success-Story - LHF-ALBS

The Customer

Develops and produces innovative components, functions and systems aiming to make driving safer and more comfortable. This includes electronic brake control systems such as ABS und ESP.


Challenge_bearThe Challenge

Carts are used for internal transport. Dirt sticks to the treads causing tracks in the factory. When travelling over thresholds, individual wheels may briefly lose contact with the floor. Once they regain contact with the floor, they pass off the dirt, forming marks on the floor (see picture).

One of the supplier’s customers complained about the marks at their factory. The company requested a solution for the problem from Blickle.



Solution_2_bearOur Solution

Spring-loaded casters are able to compensate for unevenness in the floor, ensuring permanent contact between the casters and the floor. This prevents marks from forming after crossing thresholds.

Furthermore, the use of wheels with Besthane Soft treads has optimized starting and rolling resistance.Solution_bear

Tests with the new casters have been very successful. The factory would like to retrofit several thousand carts to the spring-loaded ALBS casters.


Product advantages and technical information LHF-ALBS 200K-RA-882311:
• Spring-loaded casters enable permanent contact with the floor, even while crossing thresholds. This prevents marks from forming on the floor.
• Simple, secure locking with “Radstop” brakes, even with high loads.
• Tread made of Besthane Soft with a hardness of 75 ° shore A ensure a very low starting and rolling resistance.
• ALBS wheels minimize noise thanks to improved dampening.