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Success Story - LH-P 222K-4PR

Pneumatic Tires to Reduce Noise Emissions


The Customer

A leisure and theme park. In 2015 it was one of the most visited leisure parks with about 5.5 million visitors. With a total area of approximately 10,225,700 square feet, the park offers 17 themed areas, more than a hundred rides, and several shows. The park also includes five hotels and a campsite.

Trennlinie Success-Story-4-Challenge

The Challenge

One of the hotel’s roads and paths of the outdoor areas are paved with cobbled stones. The hotel guests complained of loud noises when the waste bins were rolled away for collection every morning. The park management decided to initiate a project to resolve this problem. The containers have a capacity of nearly 39 cubic feet and were previously equipped with solid rubber wheels.

The challenge included: minimizing the rolling noise, lower swiveling and rolling resistance, a direction lock for a train-drawn version, and limitations of a budget.

Trennlinie Success-Story-4-Solution

Our Solution

To achieve an optimal price-performance ratio, LH series heavy-duty casters were equipped with pneumatic tires. The hardened races of the LH series provide an easy to swivel and maneuver caster. These are tires with 4-ply rating (4-PR), i.e. four fabric layers. The higher the ply rating, the higher the load capacity. The pneumatic tires achieve optimum damping characteristics, effectively eliminating the noise issue. Two swivel casters with brakes and two swivel casters with direction locks were installed on each container.

Product Advantages & Technical Information LH-P 222K-4PR-855321 also RI 05.03 and LH-P 222K-ST-4PR-855211:

• Reduction of noise emissions by use of wheels with pneumatic tires. Four-fabric layers for higher load capacity. • Direction locks enable transport of several waste containers in towing operation with better directional stability.
• Strong LH heavy duty housing ensures high load capacity (1,985 lbs.). • Stop-Top brakes ensure a secure stand.